CX Auto

Empower your buyers to visualize and customize your vehicles in their backyards. Let them explore all the features of your products at their leisure. Allow them to extensively personalize the exteriors and interiors of your vehicles and compare different variants. Use CX Auto to provide them with 360° views of your products that they can walk around.

Fast & Intuitive CAD Automation

Are you worried about the quality of the visuals rendered by CX Auto on your users’ devices? The product has an automated CAD feature that allows the processing of multiple files automatically at once. It creates high-quality AR-ready models that will delight your users with the rendering of precise and accurate product visualizations.

Quick Configuration & Implementation

CX Auto is an effortlessly easy-to-use product not only for your audiences but also for you. Integrate it with your website to provide compelling shopping experiences to your customers. Use advanced AR and ML frameworks to quickly design engaging product experiences that adapt themselves to your audiences’ inputs.

Take Advantage Of A Cloud-Agnostic Product

You do not need to make massive technical infrastructure upgrades or investments to include CX Auto in your enterprise strategy. Our product supports all the major public cloud service providers and will integrate seamlessly with your existing cloud platform.

Gain Access To Valuable Customer Behavior Analytics

CX Auto not only creates immersive product experiences but also gives you access to valuable insights into your audience’s behavior. Take advantage of built-in analytics to study the interactions of your customers with your brand through CX Auto. Use the insight to improve your decision-making and to make better plans for the future.

Target Your Audiences Easily With A Web-Ready Product

Your automotive enterprise does not need to invest in a new application to make CX Auto accessible to your customers. All Adloid products are web-ready meaning they can be included in your website with minimum effort. Your buyers will be able to access the product through your website in the web browser of any device.

Create High-quality 3D Assets With Minimum Input

Our product does not need extensive inputs to generate the necessary 3D models. You can convert your 2D visuals into AR-ready 3D assets easily. CX Auto has built-in automation capabilities that make 3D modeling a smooth process. You can create and manage your visual experiences portfolio easily from a single place.

EX Employee Experience

Do you want to improve the productivity of your employee training programs? Make your training sessions exciting and engaging with immersive manuals that let employees virtually de-construct and augment machines. Enable them to virtually take apart a vehicle or component to understand its functioning. Empower your employees to learn by doing. Use AR Training to reinvent your approach to employee training and get better results.

Create 3D Models With AI & Deep Learning Technologies

Easily build 3D models of your assembly lines, machines, or vehicles for your training modules with AR Training. Leverage AI and deep learning algorithms to scan complex geometries of machine parts and merge them to create consistent and realistic AR experiences.

Streamline Your Training Program With Advanced Automation Algorithms

Does your enterprise need to create multiple training modules regularly? Are you worried about escalating in-house training costs? Switch to AR Training and use advanced automation algorithms to create multiple training modules easily.

Supports All The Major Cloud Services

AR Training is the best solution for improving the quality of your training programs without increasing the costs. The product supports all the major cloud services and can be seamlessly integrated into your current platform. Enable your employees to receive training remotely on any device through your website.

Improved Employee Engagement Than Conventional Collaborative Tools

AR Training increases the involvement of your workforce in the training programs. It enables them to visualize a machine in a way that can never be achieved through instructional videos. They will be able to grasp and retain more knowledge with an immersive learning experience as compared to the traditional methods.

Conduct Faster Sessions With Improved Efficiency

Conventional enterprise training, even if conducted with traditional remote working tools can be expensive and inefficient. It fails to hold the attention of the users for longer time spans. With AR Training, you are assured of creating an immersive learning experience that is far from boring. Your business will benefit from faster training sessions with increased efficiency.

Connect With Your Employees On Any Device

AR Training is a web-ready solution. You can offer it to employees through your website. Moreover, your employees don’t need any specific device to access the product. They can enjoy immersive training sessions with the product on any standard smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

CX Home Decor

What if you could take your entire product portfolio into your customer’s living room? CX Home Decor enables you to do just that. It enables your buyers to visualize your furniture products and other home decor items in their space. They can not only visualize your products in their spaces but also personalize them. CX Home Decor provides them with interactive product experiences that clear many of their doubts by letting them try out various combinations. Interior decorators, designers, and architects can use our product instead of multiple tools to create their design concepts easily.

Simplify Your Design Process With An Integrated Product

With CX Home Decor by your side, you do not need multiple software tools to implement your product experiences strategy. Use it to plan a 2D space and convert the corresponding 3D model. Create engaging experiences of your products or design concepts with a powerful AI engine.

Seamlessly Convert 2D To 3D With Deep Learning Algorithms

To create a photo-realistic product experience, you need high quality 2D to 3D conversions of your product visuals. Our product uses deep learning algorithms to create a 3D image of an object. It uses AI algorithms to identify the different geometries of an object and then combine them to create a uniform and true-to-life product experience.

Benefit From A Superior 3D Scanning & Modeling Technology

At the core of CX Home Decor lies advanced 3D scanning and modeling technology. It has been used to create a custom product for the furniture and interior design industries. CX Home Decor relies on AR and ML algorithms to render your products and design ideas into your audiences’ spaces.

Explore Infinite Possibilities With An Enterprise Scale-Ready Product

CX Home Decor, just like all Adloid AR products, is an enterprise-scale ready solution. It does not matter how many SKUs you have in your inventory, you can create unique experiences for each one of them. With CX Home Decor, you can automate the 3D modeling process to create the experiences quickly.

Engage Customers With An Easily Accessible Product

Integrate CX Home Decor in your website and you are ready to impress your audiences with immersive visual experiences. You do not need to build a separate mobile app to provide the AR tool to your audiences. Let users access the product and explore different options easily through a web browser on any device.

Enhance Buyer Experience & In-house Design Process With Our Product

CX Home Decor is the perfect product to engage buyers as well as to ease the design creation process for professionals such as interior decorators. They can visualize changes to the layout of a given space and experiment with different decor items and color schemes. Your enterprise needs only a single tool to engage buyers and streamline the internal design creation process.

CX Face

Provide virtual try-ons of beauty, fashion & lifestyle products to your audiences in real-time with amazing precision and accuracy. Take advantage of our product’s superior face tracking, facial analysis, and recognition capabilities to boost your customer engagement. Let users browse and try your entire catalog through any device to choose the right products for themselves.

High-Performance 3D Face Tracking

CX Face generates a 3D mesh model of the face by tracking more than 2000 face coordinates through the camera of a standard device. The product supports face tracking from extreme angles. It’s designed to consume low memory and data without affecting the real-time rendering quality.

Powerful Recommendation Engine

Our product is armed with a robust recommendation engine that uses machine learning algorithms to identify patterns in a user’s product interactions. The engine analyses a user’s choices during a try-on session to make relevant suggestions. It personalizes and suggests recommendations based on the mapped user attributes, in real-time.

Comprehensive & Accurate Attribute Mapping

CX Face is designed to provide an accurate rendering of a user’s face in real-time. It’s extensive attribute mapping capabilities enable it to detect gender, skin color, hair color, and eyeball color. Apart from the shape, it maps all the critical dimensions of a user’s face like height, width, and size. The product will also remember users’ browsing behavior during a session and make related recommendations in their later visits.

Bias-Free Product Experience

We have integrated AI/ ML in our product to remove any possible biases during the end-user experience. It can recognize any skin tone and facial features with great accuracy. Your shoppers will be impressed with the accuracy and clarity of the try-ons.

Device-Agnostic Web-Ready Solution

You do not need to create a new app or make massive technical changes to provide our product to your audiences. Moreover, your customers do not need to download any new mobile app or acquire a specific device to access our product. CX Face is a web-ready solution that can be easily integrated into your website from where your audiences can access it.

Seamless ERP & BOM Integration

You don’t have to worry about showing out-of-stock items for try-on with CX Face. Integrate it with your ERP application and BOM modules, and it will present only the current catalog to users. Our product supports all the major cloud services and it will integrate seamlessly into your existing platform. Offer an enhanced product experience to your shoppers without any extra investments for accessing new cloud platforms.

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