Harnessing The Power Of AR To Bring Brands To Life

  • 3X increase in traffic post AR addition to website

    Augmented Reality is transforming the way businesses interact with customers. Adding Adloid’s AR experiences to your ecommerce / mcommerce website is an innovative way to drive traffic to the site. AR experiences are quickly becoming the differentiating factor for customers purchasing through ecommerce. AR enables businesses to create memorable personalized experiences that customers like sharing with friends and family. Adloid’s AR product suite has powered more than 2 Million AR experiences and is responsible for tripling the website traffic.

  • 25.36% add to cart rate post AR implementation compared to an average 10.9% without AR

    AR allows customers to have better conviction in their online purchases. Adloid has digitized close to 1 lakh SKU’s and has improved conversions for its customers from 10% to 25%. Adloid’s AR brings the item to life in a way that is more real than any picture or video. This increase in add to cart rate implies that customers are better persuaded to buy a product after trying in AR.

  • 246 seconds average AR experience length compared to less than 20 seconds without AR

    Adloid’s AR technology can drastically improve the time the customer spends experiencing a product. On average a customer browses 6 products in 2 minutes, with Adloid’s AR we find that the average session length is close to 4.1 minutes. The higher the time customer interacts with a product in AR the higher the likelihood of purchase.

  • 17.56% drop in product returns on implementing AR

    Adloid’s AR experience ensures that the customer is completely convinced and satisfied with the product before purchasing. This ensures that the returns are 18% lower. This enables brands to optimize costs and efforts in their operations. Higher returns is a bigger problem for ecommerce players compared to brick and mortar companies. With Adloid’s AR brands and companies can achieve higher operational efficiencies.